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With Fretigo, you can do everything from Searching, Comparing to Booking shipments instantly and access to your dashboard to manage your business and get the quotes, invoices, shipping documents, reports, all in one place. This means less time wasted sifting through emails and wrangling spreadsheets, and have more time to focus on what matters most.

How Fretigo Works

From booking, communications, reporting to managing shipments, using Fretigo helps you transport your freight faster, cheaper & convenient, our cloud based technology platform will change the today's world of shipping.

Spot Rate

Fretigo provides instant and automated spot rates for your shipping requirements
and secure reliable space at competitive price to ensure your cargo arrives as planned.

Contractual Rate

For your regular shipping requirement and volume, You can now request for contractual rates with us which will give you an advantage of having more competitive rates with more option to save time & money.


Its new online platform powered by latest technology that makes it easy to track your shipments real time and enables live tracking of your in-transit shipments with detailed status for estimated arrival and departure so that you are never in the dark about your schedules.

My Dashboard

Smart supply chain decisions depend on
timely, accurate data. We structure all of
your shipments and commercial
documents, freight quote, invoices and
more—and make it accessible through
powerful global search,reporting, and
visual dashboard tools, which gives a
bird's eye view about all your shipments.


While using more technology, information, and tools, it becomes clear to industry how they can make a difference to environment. with Fretigo by using eDocuments, Information flow, Optimizing process we are collaborating all the stockholder Suppliers, Customers, Vendors, Carriers to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Business Analytics

Fretigo manages all the Shipment data, Transit time, Logistics cost, Inventory, Trade lane and Exceptions and provides you with reliable data to identify the trends driving your business. In addition to on-demand reporting tools through the platform, You tracks your supply chain and offers insights to optimizing the metrics that matter most.

WHY Fretigo - A Digital Freight Forwarder

In today's complicated freight forwarding process, At Fretigo we are applying technology to ensure that freight booking becomes a simplified and seamless experience for you. We combine powerful software and dedicated experts to give you accountability, peace of mind, and control over your supply chain.

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Fretigo- Who we are

We are Digital Freight Forwarding company based on data driven technology, A platform designed for exporters & importers providing end-to-end services for modern logistics need. Quick freight booking, Real-time tracking, structured data, shipment-specific communication, and a dedicated team of experts make sure running your supply chain simple, reliable, and accurate.

Fretigo's disruptive technology provides simpler, smoother and seamless freight booking experience. Our cloud based digital freight platform offers instant quote to everyone in the freight industry, and help them grow their business. It organises multiple task in one platform for all the stake holders to get their work done faster, easier and smoother without losing a moment. we work with top carriers across all major alliances to secure you reliable space at competitive rates and ensure your cargo arrives as planned. Our team are well experienced from the field of export/import, airlines, logistics, shipping lines, transportation and Information technology. With our expertise, we have made advance planning to link End-to-End users. be it carriers, ports, network partner, service providers enabling us to deliver best in class service support.

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