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Fretigo Promo offer for Air import from Milan to Delhi

Fretigo offers Air import promo rates from Milan, Italy to Delhi, India. Book your Air import shipments as low as EUR 1.10/kg on our weekly console on direct service to Delhi. Offer applicable on booking online at website only.


Destination Charges

·            Delivery Order – INR 2200/HBL

·       Carrier Fee – INR 3000/HBL

·       CC fee - 2% of the freight or Min. USD 10

·       Go for it now, and enjoy the Simple & Incredible fretigo experience!


Terms & Conditions

·            Promo offer can be used multiple times per user.

·       Airport to Airport transit time approx. 1 day

·       Direct service from Milan to Delhi on weekly console.

·       Offer valid on online booking on

·       Offer valid till October 2020.

·       Valid for new users only.

·       Fretigo reserve the rights to change, discontinue promotional offer at any time.

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