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Come soar with us!

No matter what your dreams and ambitions, Fretigo offers exciting career opportunities in a truly international working environment. We're here to create a revolutionary experience for our customers. That what we're working on our team of Technology, Operations and Business Development. Join our fun and diverse team who cares about its cultural values.

Our Cultural Value

Fretigo provides a dynamic and encouraging work environment. We understand the importance of a conducive work culture for building solid company and great customer relationships. At Fretigo, individual growth is as much a priority as company growth. We expect you to work hard and be willing to learn. The rewards are plentiful, and we truly do our part to help you succeed. If you are looking for a routine job where you will not be challenged to give your best each day, this is most certainly not the place for you! On the other hand, if you wish to master your skills and earn a competitive salary, you will fit right in.

1,600+ components

Customer first

We take the time to understand our customer needs and we put the customer first, even if it means to choose the difficult path.

Demos and training

Think big

We know that the best ideas are often the craziest – we challenge ourselves to build something amazing at the largest scale. .


Authenticity & transparency

We embrace diversity of thought, honesty and openness – creating an environment for us to be innovative and bold.

Dedicated support

Challenge ourselves

We are open to discuss challenges & take ownership. Once we commit we move forward together and are not afraid of making mistakes.

Ease of use

Together as team

We work together with speed, flexibility and grit in order to drive meaningful outcome for our customers.

Hassel-free licensing

Highest standards

We are developing the best-in-class customer experience and team. We dig deep to seek out solutions to be even better everytime.

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