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15 Oct 2020, By Fretigo


How are container shipping costs calculated?

Shipping companies use five factors to calculate their costs. These are as follows:


The volume or weight of the goods


It’s not officially one or the other because it depends on what type of shipping you’re using. When it comes to sea freight, the dimensions of your goods are the most important, while air freight cares more about the weight of your goods. The more goods you have, the more it will cost to ship them to your new home. 


The type of transport


Will your goods be flying or sailing? The mode of transport will determine both the price and the time it takes for your belongings to arrive. Air freight tends to be the quicker and more costly alternative to sea freight, so if you’ve got time to spare then you should definitely opt for the ocean. Sea freight is usually around five times cheaper than air freight


The journey distance


This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re shipping your stuff halfway across the world then it’s going to cost more than a short trip across the Mediterranean. Whether your move is port-to-port or door-to-door will also affect costs; if your shipping company is going to transport your goods all the way from your old front door to your brand new one then this will bump up the price. Despite this, we thoroughly recommend door-to-door services as they can prevent logistical headaches.


The destination port


Customs duties and service charges are unavoidable but they will vary from country to country. Naturally, the arrival destination of your goods will determine how much you have to pay in the way of customs and taxes.


The time of year


International shipping has peak seasons, just like any other industry. These generally occur in the summer (between August and September) and just after the Chinese New Year (between January and February). During peak season, demand is greater, prices are higher and capacity is more limited. It’s best to avoid shipping at these times if you want the lowest prices.

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